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The Best Practices Used to Create Sustainable Streams of Retirement Income

Do you want the best retirement income solutions in 2017? Do you want to find the right answers for creating a secure retirement, never fearing market volatility again with that part of your portfolio that is necessary for sustaining your essential needs? You see, market stability is just an illusion. The truth is the market is always volatile; there are just periods of time when it’s more volatile than others.

If you are 100% invested in a risk-based portfolio in the market, the market owns your money. You just happen to own the account. As the old saying goes, it’s never really a profit or loss until you sell. But if you need the money for retirement day in and day out, that’s a different story. You can say goodbye to the guesswork forever -the income plans versus the if-come plans. The only is in our planning is if you want guarantees.

I can show you how to make sure your nest egg never runs out of money. Nearly half of all retirees outlive their retirement funds. Building a healthy retirement portfolio is like building a house– I’ve said it time and time again you’ve got to have a secure financial foundation for income to buoy you up through any market conditions. Unfortunately, that is very difficult to do if you’re working with somebody who doesn’t work with, believe in, or use the proper tools. It doesn’t matter how smart your advisor or investment broker is, because here is the truth of it: they’re not smart enough to outsmart the market, and neither am I. That is why we use the right tools, techniques, and strategies to guarantee to take the stress out of your retirement because the planning is correct for that part of your portfolio that needs to be in place so you can enjoy a worry-free retirement that will last a lifetime.

We provide a great mix of upside potential without the risk of market downturns to my clients. So, if you’re thinking about retirement or are recently retired, and you’re interested in maximizing your income potential without downside market risk, avoiding and eliminating additional fees. You want the availability to choose from the widest variety and the largest menu of specialized annuity products; then you need to call and get a copy of my free Safe Money book.

It’s important to us that you don’t miss out on this guaranteed income planning just because of misconceptions. When the majority of my radio listeners come in to see me, and we start talking about the primary goal for their retirement plan, many states that they want to be provided with a guaranteed income to cover their living expenses in retirement. Yet, when I ask if they currently own or plan to look into the variety of annuity contracts that are available out there (which, by the way, are the only financial tools that can actually guarantee income no matter how long you live), the majority of them are uninformed, and thus have a negative outlook on that type of planning.

Let’s look at some of the misconceptions about annuities that may have kept you from deciding to make them part of your retirement income plan. The first and most significant is: they’re just too complicated. There is too many of them and too many types. If this is how you are thinking, it’s because you’re not sitting in front of the right individuals who can give you the absolute truth regarding exactly what a contract will and will not do either they don’t know it themselves, or they’re not explaining it properly. It actually can be described quite quickly when you get into a straightforward plan with a contract that is doing exactly what you want it to do. No complications are involved.

But, it is kind of like trying to be an airline pilot if you are trying to do it yourself with these; the airplane is designed to fly, and somebody hands you a manual and says, here you are, go ahead and fly it. It looks pretty complicated, right? You’ve got to have someone to give you the facts of how to do it and what it takes to make it truly work. That is why I invite people to get a copy of my free Safe Money Book is very straightforward and will give you the facts about 115 pages of the best material you will ever get. It’s an excellent place to start, with the very basics. Then the next thing you can do is come in and sit down with me, and I can give you the exact information necessary for the right contract, for the right purpose to take care of your retirement needs. It is a straightforward process when you take the proper steps to make it available to you.

One of the other biggest misconceptions is if you do this type of planning, and you die soon after that, all of your money is gone. Well, that’s the type of contract that you may or may not want. Most of my clients don’t want that. They want a contract that guarantees 100% of beneficial rights to a beneficiary(ies) of their choice; 100% of the funds that are on deposit. Those particular types of contracts are available. So, you are not going to lose the money; you’re not giving the money away; it is there for the benefit of your heirs if you are no longer with us.

Many of my radio listeners have been told that they can get a higher payout for life with a portfolio of stocks and bonds. Well, maybe you can, and maybe you can’t— that is the rub. It’s nearly impossible to duplicate or repeat an annuity payment investing on your own, or even with the help of a pro unless you’re willing to take more risk. This is just what we are talking about, eliminating risk and fees. So that’s not a viable process for foundational income planning money.  It can be a healthy combination of many financial tools and processes to put together, depending on your circumstances (how much money you have and how much you need) and concerns.


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