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Life Insurance, a New Idea or an Ancient Idea?

So when did the concept of life insurance originate? A much longer time than you might have guess, it originated before the birth of Christ. The Roman army used burial clubs to help each other offset the expense of a burial by spreading the cost of the funeral among the soldiers in the decedent’s regiment. Each Roman soldier helping each other.

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Congress and US (The American People)

A recent opinion poll suggests that the approval rate for congress just set a new record low. The new approval rate for congress as seen by the American people is 10%. Their ridiculous stands are forcing our government to grind to a halt, people will not be paid and services suspended. Is that the only downside? I think it is a far deeper problem, the issue of faith in our elected officials and their ability to do what we elected them for is in deep jeopardy. I am dissatisfied as I am sure you are also.

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Professional Athletes, Actors and Stock Brokers

Who do you know that makes $10 million a year? They don’t live in my neighborhood. Neither does Bruce Willis but every time he signs to star in a movie, his $20 million salary always makes the news. Do you think those contracts should be made public? Should any sector of our business sector be able to keep contracts secret? Do you really care? I can say that I don’t care, but I know someone who does, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the financial industry regulator FINRA care.

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Estate Planning Tips for 2013

If Congress does not change the current law, the federal estate tax exemption in 2014 will be just $1 million. You do not have to die in 2013 to use this exemption; you can use it to make gifts now, while you are living. You do not have to completely give away your assets; you can make the transfers in ways that will let you keep control and even keep the income your assets are generating. Gifting can make solid sense. Under current federal law you can give up to $14,000 to as many people as you wish each year.

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Private Equity Firms Flowing To The Annuity Business; Should There Be Concern?

The public’s perception of a Private Equity firm is buying a larger company, splitting it up, selling the most valuable portions and leaving the rest in shambles….oh and letting the government worry about the pension obligations while making massive profits for itself. While that may not be representative of all PE firm deals, it does have strong merit. PE firms are short term thinkers, make the money and move on. Recently a much respected company, The Hartford, was purchased by a PE firm who promptly got The Hartford out of its core business, annuities.

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Treasuries at 2 Year High; Good News or Bad News?

“Economic growth is continuing at a moderate pace,” said Guy LeBas, chief fixed-income strategist at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC in Philadelphia, which oversees $11 billion in fixed-income assets. “We’ve pretty much priced in the effects of the Fed slowing down bond buying later this year.” What does this mean for us as depositors? Good news in the sense that the options for a higher yield is strengthening. For us as tax payers it can mean the interest we all owe on our national debt is going to be higher and our annual budget debt much bigger.

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Do We Need Them?

If a bill introduced this spring in congress becomes law, it would transfer lending risk over to private enterprise. The new federal agency that would be created, Federal Mortgage Insurance Corporation, or FMIC, would regulate the mortgage industry. A fee would be assessed on each mortgage issued to provide funding. A second bill already in committee would terminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac without a replacement, turning over responsibility to the Federal Housing Agency, FHA.

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Mortgage Backed Securities — Round Two?

Private Equity Firms only know one thing, buy, dismantle, reap profits and move on. Their sites are set on our industry and they are coming. In fact, a few are already here, Athene, Guggenheim and others have already planted their flag. With the PE Firms will come new ways of doing things, new ways for Wall Street to invest in our products, things such as buying the investments side, slicing it up and reselling it to fixed interest investors. Who will win and who will lose?

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