A solid financial plan is one of the most important things you can offer yourself and your family.

7 Shortcuts For Major Money Hassles

Hassle-free means less stress   One: Ace Your Retirement By the time you're 65, you'll need to have socked away about $25 for every dollar you expect to withdraw annually. That means that throughout your working life you must save. And save. And save. Oh, and don't forget picking investments and managing your portfolio year [...]

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Stop Identity Theft Before It Happens

In today’s world, especially the digital world, people constantly leave behind little pieces of themselves. These pieces, while small, are a part of a larger picture, your identity. Please do not underestimate the resourcefulness of identity thieves, and your trash might be their treasure. According to the Federal Trade Commission, over 800,000 identity theft cases [...]

Six Reasons Federal Employees Might Choose Private Insurance Over FEGLI

"If you are a government employee participating in the Federal Employees' Life Insurance program, you should plan to know you have other options."-Angie Politarhos. If you're a government employee, you know that FEGLI, an acronym for Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance, is a life insurance program offered to government workers. FEGLI is, in fact, the [...]

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What should you do with your TSP if the markets become volatile?

“TSP owners should be wary of volatility in the markets and have a plan of action ready to deploy.”- Joe Runza If you're one of the nearly 100,000 TSP millionaires who invested for the long term by putting cash in the C, S, or I funds, you've probably done very well over the last few [...]

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Your Guide To Choosing A Tax Professional

Taxes are complicated, and full of regulations and ever changing laws. Depending on your situation, your tax return may be simple, or involve a series of very detailed steps. If you don’t know what you’re doing, tackling a complicated tax return by yourself can potentially create problems, i.e. audits, and trusting a local tax preparation service isn’t always a foolproof option either. A trusted tax professional, someone whom you’ve selected and whom you feel comfortable working with, is a valuable asset

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Helpful Tips For Improving your Credit Score

Your credit score is used to evaluate your credit worthiness and determines the amount of the loan (credit) that you receive and the interest rate of that loan. The average credit score in the U.S. is around 678-750, but the average American is also more than Eight Thousand dollars in debt. While a credit score of 678 won’t keep you from getting a loan, it won’t necessarily guarantee you the best interest rate either.

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Sleep Tight Knowing Your Investments are Safe.

Sleeping well is tough with the volatility of our economy   The stock market is volatile. CEOs' salaries are out of control. The hedge funds are losing money. What options does that leave for the safety investors? Where can we invest our money to ensure it will not lose value? A bigger question is this: [...]

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Are You Utilizing The Power Of Compound Interest?

"Compound interest is the secret sauce of strategic wealth-building strategies. The sooner you start taking advantage of the magic of compounding, the more money you'll have at retirement time."-  Scott Self If you want to create a stable, less stressful, and ultimately more satisfying retirement, you will need to take some critical actions. First, you [...]

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Common Money Myths That Keep You Confused

Are you confused and frustrated about money? As they say, "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." Even in 21st Century America, you can find folks who believe that the Earth is flat, that George Washington had wooden teeth, or that a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State [...]

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Market Corrections Are Inevitable. What Can You Do To Protect Your Wealth When They Happen?

"Don't let good news about the post-pandemic economic recovery lull you into complacency. Long-term thinking is necessary to protect your wealth against downturns."- Brian Swerdlow Ups and downs in an economy are frequent and inevitable. Market corrections often seem to come out of the blue. Still, they are often presaged by a glut of overvalued [...]

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