A solid financial plan is one of the most important things you can offer yourself and your family.

Women Focused Financial Planning

Do you really want or need a “woman-focused” financial advisory group? Many women, especially those in their 60’s and 70’s, grew up with the idea that managing household finances is a man’s responsibility. And, while the world has certainly changed, I have found that a lot of women’s attitudes toward money have remained mired in [...]

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Whale Or Big Fish Where Do You Stand?

Do You Think You’re an “A” List, Whale, Big Fish, Top-Tier Client to Your Advisor with the Amount of Funds You Have with Them Now?   Over the years I have found many disturbing articles, printouts, instruction letters, YouTube videos advising brokers, variable agents, and money managers to prioritize calls to their clients based on [...]

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Money Management Mistakes To Avoid

Financial planning can be a challenge, which is why it is always a good idea to enlist the expertise of a skilled personal financial planner, who can help you maximize your savings strategies. Here are some of the most common money management mistakes that you should avoid in order to achieve a more successful financial future.

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Your Guide To Choosing A Tax Professional

Taxes are complicated, and full of regulations and ever changing laws. Depending on your situation, your tax return may be simple, or involve a series of very detailed steps. If you don’t know what you’re doing, tackling a complicated tax return by yourself can potentially create problems, i.e. audits, and trusting a local tax preparation service isn’t always a foolproof option either. A trusted tax professional, someone whom you’ve selected and whom you feel comfortable working with, is a valuable asset

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My Mutual Fund Investments Are Free

Nothing is free when it comes to mutual  funds   Not long ago, a new potential client said to me, "My mutual fund investments are FREE, there is no fee." This was in response to me inquiring about what she was paying for investment management. Patiently, I affirmed her comment and said, "if you have [...]

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Beware Of The Future Cost Of Medical Care

Two things have happened that cause great concern for our future medical care. Both costs and health care are in peril. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the amount of medical cost reimbursements paid to providers by Medicare has been reduced. In other words, less from Medicare, more out of pocket for [...]

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Eliminate Debt And Recession Proof Your Life

Recession-proof your life by eliminating debt "History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”- Credited to Mark Twain It’s well understood that boom and bust cycles are an intractable part of every capital-based economy. Those of us who’ve been around long enough can recall the “Oil Shock” of the early ’70s, the recession of 1981-82, [...]

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Safeguard Your Wealth With Required Minimum Distribution Strategies

              These days most of us know that contributing to pre-tax retirement accounts like IRAs and 401(k) plans allow us the ability to receive upfront tax deductions and to enjoy the tax-deferred growth as long as the investment remains in the account. For that building retirement wealth and income, [...]

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The Value Of Legacy

Money has three primary functions in retirement. Those functions are INCOME (the cash flow that you need to live), LIQUIDITY (money for growth and emergencies), and LEGACY. The focus of this article is on LEGACY. The word legacy is defined in part as follows: a gift of property; a bequest; anything handed down from the [...]

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The Eighth Wonder Of The World

Ben Franklin said it (reportedly); “The Eighth Wonder of the world is compound interest.” And it’s true! Take $100,000, at 3% compounded for just five years; that amounts to $ 115,927. That’s a 15.9% gain. Now take $100,000 at 3% simple interest for five years; that amounts to a flat $115,000. A flat 15% gain. [...]

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