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What in the world are these yokels in Congress thinking?

I believe that to make their selfish points, Congress (and all elected officials) would run this country into oblivion just to win their point, to gain a small victory. Am I alone? No, a recent opinion poll suggests that the approval rate for Congress just set a new record low. The new approval rate for Congress as seen by the American people is 10%.

10%! How can anyone only have an approval rating of 10%?

Their ridiculous stands are forcing our government to grind to a halt, people will not be paid and services suspended. Is that the only downside? I think it is a far deeper problem, the issue of faith in our elected officials and their ability to do what we elected them for is in deep jeopardy. I am dissatisfied as I am sure you are also.

But already the fundraising for next year’s election and the distant presidential election is in full gear. Already each party has over $1 billion committed for the 2016 presidential election, and yet it is still three years away. Maybe if they worried less about getting elected and more about doing their jobs things would work better, but that is a very old song isn’t it?.

The government will run out of money unless the debt ceiling is raised, that is a known fact. The Washington Post reports that Treasury Department computers receive about 2 million invoices per day. One idea is to pay the invoices necessary for the government to continue and allow the others to pile up and wait until a later date. That would involve setting a priority system in place which would judge the importance of each invoice. How do they do that? Certainly, each member of Congress will want their constituents paid, can you imagine the fight there?

All of the “patched” up methods are just that, temporary. The real problem is, of course, making our elected officials get along with one another, which would involve a simple yet impossible process: negotiating.

Congress (and all elected officials) needs to grow up and act like adults instead of silly babies each fighting for their rattle.

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