Big Increases In Health Insurance Premiums Planned for 2016

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By Bill Broich

I wrote about this several weeks ago, the real danger to our Baby Boomers, an increase in the cost of health insurance premiums for those using the Affordable Care Act. This was poised to happen because the cost of health care has a never ending increase in expense. With Medicare trying to hold prices down, you will be seeing more and more doctors deciding not to work with this level of patient.

The source for this article is mainstream (NY Times) and it shows clearly what if going to happen, overall government cost of insurance will skyrocket, Medicare reimbursements will slow or edge down and those most in need will be the ones who suffer.

An increase in premiums means a hard ship on lower income families, that in turn means fewer and fewer will be able to afford affordable care.  Blue Cross and Blue Shield which are mainstay health providers in many states are seeking an increase in average of   20%.

It doesn’t stop with the Blues, other companies are asking for an increase to help offset the cost of insuring people who many have never been to a doctor and are the poorest health risk.

In the NY Times article a study was quoted from the Kaiser Institute that found that: “consumers would see relatively modest increases in premiums if they were willing to switch plans. But if they switch plans, consumers would have no guarantee that they can keep their doctors. And to get low premiums, they sometimes need to accept a more limited choice of doctors and hospitals.”

The simple problem of the Affordable Health Care Act is basic, too many sick people have applied for coverage, too many healthy people  have not.  Combine that with the increase in health care costs and guess what?  Premiums are going to sky rocket and nothing is going to stop them.

“Healthier people just keep their plans” according to the article and a quote from Amy L. Bowen of the Geisenheimer Health Plan in Pennsylvania. Geisenheimer has requested and increase in premiums for the AHCA of 45% just to maintain a break even position and to be able to continue to offer health care.

Premium increase are all over the country, some plans have had to ask for increases well above the 50% level, there is nothing in place to provide any other options.  Either increase the premiums paid under AHCA or turn away patients.

Needs are not limited to emergence room visits by those who finally after years are seeing a doctor, they are far more advanced medical treatments such as hepatitis c, cancer, hearth  issues and many other deadly and expensive treatments.

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