Betty Arellano Honored With Influential Invitation2020-04-13T19:03:42+00:00

Betty Arellano Honored With Influential Invitation

Betty Arellano, Olympia, Washington, has accepted an invitation to become an “Invited Author” on the financial website, Betty now joins an elite group of financial experts who share information about approaching retirement without market risk by authoring meaningful and useful articles focused on those retired or about to retire.

Betty has guided many clients over the past 30 years through a process of consultations and recommendations, which ended with lifetime guaranteed income streams, guaranteed safety and growth of money including IRA and 401k Accounts, avoidance of Probate at death and transferring wealth to heirs with ease and protection from over taxation. They specialize in showing you how to keep your retirement funds safe and growing and then turn those same funds into income when needed.

In her off time, Betty looks in on her family in the area and has some creative hobbies.

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Tumwater, WA 98511

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