Bernanke and Broich — We have common ground.

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I eagerly read about Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke’s investments in annuities, I certainly agree with his decision.  I too have the majority of our assets in annuities (not variable).

Why is the real question. My answer is simple: because of the benefits annuities provide.  Chairman Bernanke also must feel the same way as his major investment assets are annuities.

The most powerful man in the US is of course the President, but number two is certainly Chairman Bernanke.  He is in control of our money and our money policies.  So, it only make sense we listen to him regarding important money matters, his choice seems obvious to me — annuities.

Here is a recent article about his investments, click on the link for the entire article by Marcy Gordon at LifeHealthPro:

Bernanke’s largest investment holdings are two annuities: One fixed, one variable

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