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As the founder of The Plan Advisor, Tim is passionate about educating the public about ways to protect their hard-earned retirement from market volatility and losses. Not one of Tim's clients has ever lost a dollar due to a market downturn. Tim only provides products that offer complete protection from losses, allowing his clients stress-free retirement Website: theplanadvisor.com

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Get To The Point-To-Point

These days, many retirees are very concerned about market volatility doing severe damage to their retirement nest-egg. There is no level of protection from market risk losses in a traditional account invested in the securities market. So what can we do as financial professionals to help our clients eliminate this risk but still have the [...]

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The Three Pillars of a Safe-Money Retirement

Everyone wants a stress-free retirement, but so many retirees are constantly worried about their financial wellbeing. How do you overcome the stress of establishing a safe retirement plan? Many are concerned about having the right medical coverage and whether they can afford the monthly premiums or the huge bills which often follow a hospital stay. [...]

Can You Ensure Your Golden Years Are Sweet?

"There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in the dinner, the sweets come last." – Robert Lewis Stevenson. We all want our retirement years to be financially secure, but the "Golden Years" are anything but sweet for many. Even the best plans can be completely derailed by market [...]

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