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Soeren is the President of Vision 8 Financial LLC, he has been in the financial business since 2002. His expertise is within IRA / 401(k) conversions, tax-free retirement planning, life insurance, and Long-Term Care planning. His objectives for each of his clients is quite simply to preserve and grow their retirement estate, regardless of any market fluctuation. Website: wealthbeyondwallstreet.com/soerensvensen

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Compound Interest – The 8th Wonder Of The World!

Albert Einstein is presumed to have said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” I read that in 1626, Native Americans sold what is known as Manhattan in New York City to white settlers for what equated to $24. Now fast forward, today Manhattan’s land value is appraised at $23.4 billion. Today, many [...]

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Baseball Great vs. Financial Meltdown

Our “Poster boy” in this article is baseball great Babe Ruth! You might ask yourself, what do historic baseball greats and the financial meltdown have in common? You might be a history buff or you might have no interest in the past, but you definitely want to look ahead to the future.   The current financial [...]

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