About Shon Peil

Shon has spent the past 18 years in the retirement planning industry in the Pacific Northwest, where he finds great joy in helping clients protect their retirement assets while building their financial legacies for future generations. Shon holds insurance licenses in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Website: retirementplusnw.com

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Your Retirement Distribution Strategy

Retirement is close. You can see it in the near future. You’ve worked hard to accumulate your resources, and you are facing the most important aspect of reaching retirement: how do you take distributions from all of your accounts so the money will last and in the most tax efficient way possible? Even though each [...]

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Make A Plan With These Five Factors In Mind

Like the old song says "Time is on your side," or is it? The biggest question everyone has about retirement is how much income they’ll need each month. This curiosity stems out of how most people live in their pre-retirement years—living off of salaries, commissions and bonuses, and spending most of what they make each [...]

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Women Are Not Equal to Men in Retirement

Are women and men equal?  Not according to the facts   A recent report from the National Institute on Retirement shows shocking results regarding women in retirement. The report that women in retirement are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished. The reasons are apparent, throughout a women’s working life their income is lower, [...]

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