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Rocky’s mission is to help you avoid losing money in the Wall Street Casino, and instead build your wealth SAFELY and SECURELY. His clients include Business Owners, Professionals, and Middle America Families. Web Site:
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Beneficial Long Term Capital Gain Tax Rates

Buy low and sell high, there may not be any tax liability! Did you know the tax law changed on Capital Gains? Do you know how important it is to understand short term and long-term tax brackets? Knowing the difference and how to use them when it comes to investing and tax harvesting can make [...]

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Market Volatility Puts Retirement Accounts In Peril

Volatility in the stock market again is back, and it might be a warning shot.   More people are waking up wondering could this be the Big Correction everybody’s been worried about. I can’t answer that question, but I can tell you that a major correction is inevitable will it be 10%, 20%, 40% who [...]

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The Myth And Realities Of Your Average Rate Of Return

This is the single most factor that everybody gages their investment decision “What is the rate of return?” and it depends on who you ask. If you ask an investment broker, he is going to tell you the average rate of return on XYZ mutual fund is 6%. But what you want to know is [...]

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Is Holding Out For Higher Interest Rates In Your Best Interest?

            I had a conversation with a client the other day, we had been discussing a particular fixed indexed annuity, and his concerns were that he wanted to wait to see how far interest rates would rise before putting his money in an annuity. I told him that might seem [...]

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Can You Afford To Lose Another Decade of Wealth

Did you know that in September of 2013 the Dow Jones Industrial Average was hovering at the same level it was 14 years before? The stock market can be advantageous during specific time periods, but brutal during other times. Dreams can be crushed, retirement plans delayed. Can you afford to keep rebuilding your wealth every [...]

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Guaranteed Income Should Be Your Outcome

Mike and Susie were searching for more guarantees   The other day I had a meeting with a couple, Mike and Susie, ages 60 and 56, they had heard my radio show on WBOB AM 600. I was getting all their financial information he was interested in what to do with his 401k (about $400,000), [...]

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