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Rick has helped thousands of people find the safest approach to a stable and satisfactory retirement. Rick is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA), has been advising retirees for over two decades in Safe Money and Lifetime Income strategies. Web Site: safeharborfinancial.retirevillage.com
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Make Sure You Have Named A Beneficary On Your Annuity Contracts

Stop! Drop what you're doing and check your beneficiaries!   If you have a testamentary trust, it might be a smart move not to name the trust as a beneficiary of certain assets such as annuities, life insurance, bank accounts, a brokerage account or a qualified retirement account. Please check your policies and if you [...]

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How To Enjoy The Best Years Of Your Life

Retirement is a time for looking back at our accomplishments, and then looking ahead to the next exciting chapter of our lives. Retirement will bring new challenges, and the adventure becomes dealing with these new challenges. You need to enjoy your golden years with a sound retirement plan. It's never too late.

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Roth IRAs, IRAs, 401(k) and Account Conversions

The big difference between the Roth IRA and other retirement accounts is that rather than receiving a tax break for monies placed into the account, you receive the tax break when you withdraw the money. Why is this difference important? Like any other choice based around tax issues, the more funds that have a tax advantage, the better the net results. Using a Roth IRS’s long term accumulation allow for blending this tax free income with other assets which may have more tax liability.

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Where Are You Now?

Someone once said that to know where you're going, you must know where you are NOW. That will change as often as circumstances change. What sorts of changes? Well, the death of a spouse is indeed a life-changing change that affects everything. Deaths of trustees/executors are important to consider. The housing crisis a few years [...]

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Does Your Goose Lay Golden Eggs

Does it lay golden eggs like clockwork, every month, of the same size, no matter how many months you need? Aesop told “The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs” fable. You’ve heard the fable, right? A countryman owned this goose that laid a golden egg every day, which the countryman took to market and “cashed in.” [...]

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I Am Not Going To Say It

The market is overvalued, a correction is overdue, we need a crystal ball. I’m not. Heck, I’ve said it hundreds of times already on my radio show, in my blogs, and my posts. I’ve said it hundreds of times when I met with prospective clients. “I don’t have a crystal ball, BUT…..”. Fill in the [...]

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Is 2018 A Lost Year Financially?

2018. Are we looking at a Lost Year? 2018 was indeed a roller coaster year, and it appears that after all of the ups and downs, we will have ‘given back’ all of the gains from the start of the year and throughout the year. If you are near or already in retirement, 2018 could [...]

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Practice What You Preach

I’ve always been a fierce proponent of “practicing what you preach.” When I buy a car, I always ask the salesman “what do you drive? What does your wife drive?” When deciding on a home improvement project, I ask the contractor: “If it was your Mother’s home, what would you recommend?” You get the idea. [...]

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