About Rick Maraj

Rick is the founder of The Retire Advisory Group, with several offices throughout Florida. He is committed to educating retirees and those nearing retirement to make informed decisions for a risk-free retirement. Rick can offer his clients 24 years of experience within the financial services industry. Website: myretirementkey.com

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Understanding The Fees Associated With Annuities 

Retirees say they would rather die than run out of money! Not so fast! Annuities provide income for life.- Rick Maraj The Retirement landscape has changed, and more and more investors are beginning to realize the importance of guaranteed income for life. As a result, there has been a lot of attention placed on annuities [...]

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Market Volatility and Income

You’ve worked hard all your life, played by the rules, only to have a majority of your nest egg wiped out due to something you could NEVER have controlled. For most of us, this would be devastating and possibly life-changing! For most pre-retires and retirees, the #1 concern they have is fear of running out [...]