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Rick has helped thousands of people find the safest approach to a stable and satisfactory retirement. Rick is a Certified Retirement Financial Advisor (CRFA), has been advising retirees for over two decades in Safe Money and Lifetime Income strategies. Website: safeharborfinancial.retirevillage.com

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Does Your Goose Lay Golden Eggs

Does it lay golden eggs like clockwork, every month, of the same size, no matter how many months you need? Aesop told “The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs” fable. You’ve heard the fable, right? A countryman owned this goose that laid a golden egg every day, which the countryman took to market and “cashed in.” [...]

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Healthcare Is The Biggest Social Issue Of The 21st Century

Please pay attention:   The most significant problem facing retirees is not the cost of the insurance, it is the cost of medical reimbursements from Medicare. Our Government has to reduce spending somewhere! Seeing a doctor for a medical issue is covered by Medicare, but what is happening is the amount paid to the medical [...]

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Human Beings Are Strange Animals Indeed!

Consider the goat. The first time a goat comes in personal contact with an electric fence, well, it remembers the lesson from then on. I have even seen animals teach the lesson of a bad personal experience to OTHER animals, who then avoid the situation themselves, thus preventing the negative experience for themselves! Not so [...]

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Ask Before You Leap When Considering An Annuity

Learn the benefits you will receive from an annuity, make sure you understand the entire contract According to a recent CBS news report, the sales of fixed index annuities reached a staggering $19.2 billion in the USA for the fourth quarter of 2016. There has been an apparent rise in the interest of the public [...]

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