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Lyle has actively taught advanced estate planning and asset preservation for more than twenty years in such places as the University of Utah and in over 200 Senior Retirement Consumer Education Workshops throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. Websites: lyleboss.retirevillage.com | safemoneylyleboss.com

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Eliminate Debt And Recession Proof Your Life

Recession-proof your life by eliminating debt "History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”- Credited to Mark Twain It’s well understood that boom and bust cycles are an intractable part of every capital-based economy. Those of us who’ve been around long enough can recall the “Oil Shock” of the early ’70s, the recession of 1981-82, [...]

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Where Should You Invest Your Money? Answer These 8 Basic Questions

 When people think about saving and investing money the first question they ask: "What should I invest my money in?"   To answer that question the following questions should be answered: What do I want the money to accomplish? You may need extra income to cover your monthly current expenses. Or to pay for a [...]

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Inflation Can Cripple Retirement Planning

Most investors only consider the risk to their principal, which is why they favor Certificates of Deposit over non-FDIC insured investments for their most protected assets. The risk of lost buying power is a more complicated dynamic. The dollar value of principal stays the same, but year after year, a dollar buys less and less.  [...]

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Use ‘Transfer on Death’ Form to Avoid Probate Court

Avoiding probate can be tricky, but you might be able to successfully do it following these three straightforward ways. If you own stock certificates or have a brokerage account the ‘transfer on death’ option can be used to avoid probate. This option is often called the ‘Uniform Transfer on Death Securities Resignation.’ You can designate [...]

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One Huge Benefit for Annuity Owners

Many benefits annuities provide are included at no additional cost or expense Almost all new annuity contracts provide an immediate benefit. Is it income? Is it safety? Is it freedom from market risk? The answer to those questions is yes! Plus more. That’s the nursing home waiver. Annuity contracts have a provision that allows annuity [...]

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