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Laurabell has been helping to show clients innovating ways to retire safely and with peace of mind. She has a passion for helping people and loves to seek ways for people to realize their dreams.

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What Do Experts Say About Using Annuities for Retirement Planning?

Part 1: There are many opinions about annuities and misconceptions; but let me ask you this - if leading economists, financial spokespeople, and leaders of various departments of our government use annuities for their portfolio, wouldn’t it be wise to look at annuities and learn more about them? In Tony Robbins book, Money Master The [...]

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Preparing For Retirement Beyond The Finances

When I speak with my clients about preparing for retirement, of course, the conversation involves finances. However, I have found that preparing for retirement goes far beyond planning your finances (although that is a key component!). Sitting down with new clients some of the questions I ask are: • What are you planning on doing [...]

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