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About Ken Reeves

Ken is proudly the principal and owner of Apex Financial Group LLC. Apex is a group of independent agents spanning five states. Also, Ken is the owner of Senior Life and Medicare, as well as Annuity Pal. Specializing in advanced insurance planning strategies, including IRA and 401K rollovers for retirees, cash value life insurance, and estate planning strategies. Emphasizing educating clients to maximize their retirement with life long income and tax-free or reduced tax strategies. Website:

Office: (256) 513-5340 | Apex Financial Group, LLC

The Top Qualities Of Debt-Free And Financially Prosperous People

While there is no single quality that guarantees a person will be financially successful, there are some common traits the financially free have in common. I believe that anyone, especially those partnering with a dedicated, trusted financial advisor, can achieve financial freedom, no matter how small or large their salaries. There are tons of stories of people [...]