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John is an Investment Advisor Representative in the state of Florida and a senior partner in a multi-state financial advisory firm. John travels nationally and internationally as a professional speaker and seminar coach and assists financial advisors and other professional practices to expand their influence and revenue. He is known for his insightful and compelling presentations that engage audiences with both content and humor. Website: smarterretirementsolutions.com

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Are You Prepared If You Are Forced To Retire Early

"Since the pandemic was first declared, over 2 million older workers have exited the workforce for good. But, unfortunately, this is not always by choice."- John Ripley Forced early retirement is a problem for the entire nation. In the period after the COVID-19 pandemic was declared a national emergency, thousands of older Americans find themselves [...]

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Does Your Advisor Have A Contingency Plan? If Not, Your Wealth May Be At Risk?

"You spent a long time locating the perfect financial advisor. But, are you prepared for the day when that advisor can no longer assist you with your retirement portfolio?"- John Ripley. If your advisor died or was incapacitated, do you know who would step in to handle your account? Nearly everyone who has begun the [...]

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What Are Exchange-Traded Funds, And Should You Consider Them For Your Portfolio

"It's been over thirty years since Toronto Stock Market launched the first exchange-traded fund (ETF). Since that time, ETFs have gained popularity and are poised to take over the current mutual fund market." John Ripley What are ETFs, anyway? Created to give individual investors more liquid and tax-efficient products than traditional mutual funds, ETFs were [...]

Annuity Payout Options: What You Need to Know

"If you are preparing to purchase an annuity, you will need to decide when you want your stream of periodic payments to begin. The time when the income stream turns on is known as the "annuitization" phase. "- John Ripley There are several ways to receive payments during the annuitization phase of an annuity contract. [...]

Why You Should Leave Your Heirs Life Insurance Or Annuities

Why You Should Consider Leaving Your Heirs Life Insurance or Annuities (Instead of Your Qualified Plan Money) If you've been thinking about creating a legacy for your loved ones, you may believe that leaving them money from your IRA or 401(k) is the best option. You may have also looked into trusts as a way to [...]

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