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John Berlet President of Boomers Advisory Group LLC is a leader in safe money concepts. John has spent the last 35 years in Austin teaching Baby Boomers and Beyond how to preserve their assets, increase their income and reduce income taxes. Web Site: |
Office: 512.431.0802 | Boomer Advisory Group LLC.

Is Financial Planning Different Than Retirement Planning

What is the difference?  Make sure you know. Yes, it most certainly is. A financial plan will focus on the accumulation phase during your working years. Its purpose is to make sure you have a realistic target of how much money you will need after you stop working. It also helps ensure that you’re saving [...]

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Trick Or Treat Is The Market On Wobbly Legs

October has always been a devilish month for Wall Street. Black Tuesday was October 29, 1929. Black Monday was October 19, 1987. And the crash of 2008 happened on October's doorstep on September 29, 2008, when the Dow dropped over 777 points. On October 10 of this year, the Dow fell 832 points – the [...]

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Why Are Baby Boomers Pouring Billions Into Fixed Indexed Annuities?

The US stock market has become the most extended bull market in history (as of August 22nd, 2018), its now in its tenth year and the youngest baby boomers are turning 55. Yes, the youngest boomers are at midlife, while the oldest is turning 72 this year, have been getting used to taking their Required [...]

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