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Joe Runza is a licensed financial professional and federal employee benefits consultant specializing in helping clients prepare for retirement. Based in Cleveland, OH, he has been a trusted expert in the financial field since 2013. Joe and his team use an educational & fun approach to working with their clients, providing clients with their best options for accomplishing their future goals. Website: definedretirement.com

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What should you do with your TSP if the markets become volatile?

“TSP owners should be wary of volatility in the markets and have a plan of action ready to deploy.”- Joe Runza If you're one of the nearly 100,000 TSP millionaires who invested for the long term by putting cash in the C, S, or I funds, you've probably done very well over the last few [...]

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What Should Federal Employees Do With Their TSPs After Retiring?

“A Thrift Savings Plan can turn ordinary government employees into millionaires.  But, is it a good idea to leave all of your nest egg in one basket?”- Joe Runza As of June, 2021, there were over 98,000 Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) millionaires!  These feds achieved this status by consistently investing in their TSP’s stock-indexed and [...]

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Why You Should Review Your Insurance Regularly

Life events can have a massive impact on your financial affairs and trigger the need for a review of your insurance portfolio. If you experience or have recently experienced any of the following events in your life, it's time to call your insurance professional and schedule a comprehensive insurance evaluation.- Joe Runza If you're like [...]

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