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Joe Marullo Insurance & Retirement Services provides services and products which help mature individuals and families keep their savings up with inflation, protect their estate from losses to income taxes, and turn their estate into a guaranteed lifetime income. Website: joemarullo.retirevillage.com

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Which Way To Turn

Quarantined, isolated and confused Today, I am sitting in my home, self-isolated, keeping a social distance away from the rest of the world, and I have a slight tickle in my throat.  I am watching TV with one eye on the stock market as the Dow drops lower and lower, and with the other eye [...]

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Charitable Gift Annuities Can Provide Benefits

Does a Charitable Gift Annuity make sense for you?   If you have big dreams, a big heart.....but a shrinking pocket book (and resources), then a Charitable Gift Annuity may be an option for you. As a professional Insurance & Retirement advisor, I have been asked, "What are some of the non-traditional charitable gift giving [...]

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