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As a speaker and published author on a variety of retirement income topics, both for the private sector and for federal employees, Jim stresses the importance of financial education through his writings and the seminars he offers. At the core of his philosophy and business approach is the belief that “retirement money should not be put at risk…nor does it have to be to get what you need”. Web Site: benefitservicesgroup.retirevillage.com
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Simplifying Retirement Income Planning

  Simplifying Retirement Income Planning (and eliminating: "so what’s the catch?” )  Planning for one’s retirement is not nearly as complicated and confusing as you have been led to believe.  You just need to understand how to overcome the “catch,” as in, “so what’s the catch?” Yes, we’ve all been told, if not instructed, that planning [...]

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Negative Or Just Realistic?

 Is your outlook on life negative or is it just being realistic   The other day a customer called me “negative” --- said I was “thinking too negatively about the financial markets, and that in my business I should be MORE positive.” Holy cow! Where do I begin to respond? First of all, nobody is [...]

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A Christmas Card From Your Registered Investment Advisor

While you are exposed to risk in your investments, does your broker enjoy a guaranteed income from your portfolio? His income stream is called fees! It’s the week before Christmas, and the markets are tanking, and Securities Dealers should be getting a spanking. You’ve lost all the year’s gains you thought you had made, and [...]

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Four Realities Of The Stock Market And Your Retirement

The stock market is in a state of volatility.  Up one day, down the next.  People who are depending on stock market returns have been faced with uncertain volatility which can cause stress and concern.  Here are four points to consider. 1. The market will crash. Maybe today is the beginning of the “correction” that [...]

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Can You Pass The Retirement Lie Detector?

      What if the solution to your retirement income is the thing you don’t know about or WANT to know?       How many of these features would you like for your retirement? •    A reasonable rate of return. •    Participate in market gains without exposure to market losses. •    Guarantees that [...]

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You Can’t Afford Another Market Crash, Or Can You?

The truth hurts sometimes, and so what follows may sting some of you a little.  However, I owe you the truth.  Always.  (though you may not be hearing it from your financial advisor) If you are 58 or older, or nearing retirement at any age, and you need that retirement nest-egg to provide for your [...]

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Annuity Lies And How They May Impact Your Future

My head is healing up nicely now. It gets better when I stop beating it against the wall in my office. My business partners have grown to recognize the thumping, pounding sound. It’s just an occupational hazard that comes with being in the retirement income planning business. I sell annuities. “Did you know that running [...]

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Maximize Your Pension And Take Better Care Of Your Spouse.

Many pension programs both in the private and public sector offer a “Spousal Survivor Benefit.” If the primary pensioner dies first—the spouse gets a percentage, usually not all, of the regular monthly pension received before death. If selected, this nice benefit comes at a not-so-nice cost. The provider of the monthly pension is now going [...]

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A Contemporary Twist On Little Red Riding Hood

One day Little Red Riding Hood was walking across town to her Grandma’s house. She was carrying her favorite basket which she always used when bringing things to Grandma’s, except today in the basket she would be carrying something very, very valuable and important—in the basket would be Grandma’s life savings. Grandma was retiring after [...]

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