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For over fifteen years, Jim has been assisting clients with their tax, financial, and estate planning goals. He works closely with individuals and families during various stages in life to understand their goals, and provides tailor made solutions. Jim is known by his clients and friends to be detail orientated with a focus on providing outstanding personal service. Website: pierfinancialgroup.com

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Will Roth Conversions Go Away Under “Build Back Better”?

"Will proposed changes to Roth IRA accounts impact the middle class or only the "uber-wealthy?"- Jim Fish One of the most contentious features of President Biden's "Build Back Better" legislation is a proposal designed to prevent ultra-wealthy individuals and couples from taking advantage of Roth IRA loopholes. As you probably know, the government introduced Roth [...]

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Get More Retirement Confidence By Adding An Annuity To Your Portfolio

“Modern retirement, with its volatility and unpredictability, requires the use of multiple retirement income tools including annuities.”  Jim Fish Adjusting to life without regular paychecks is challenging and stressful for many retirees. Maintaining even a modest lifestyle and addressing rising medical costs requires foresight, planning, and strategic execution. Modern retirement, with its volatility and unpredictability, [...]

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What Are Some Advantages Of Rolling A 401(k) Into An Annuity?

"Annuities provide guaranteed, predictable sources of income. But do pre-retirees with money in 401ks need to add them to their portfolios?"- Jim Fish Annuities have some undeniable advantages over other financial instruments. For one thing, annuities make retirement planning more accessible by creating a guaranteed source of predictable income that lasts a lifetime. Annuities also protect [...]

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Why Federal And State Employees Have A Hard Time Understanding Their Benefits.

“Nearly all benefits programs are rife with confusing terminology, deadlines, and endless hoops.  This is especially true for private-sector employees who face a bewildering array of options and a dearth of good information.” Jim Fish It’s been said that simplicity is the ultimate expression of elegance.  If this is the case, the world of employee [...]

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