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Jerry Yu has over 20 years of experience, establishing Reign Financial and Insurance in 2000. He is focused on helping clients save income tax, asset protection and wealth transfer. Jerry is also a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, Top of Table. Website: reignfinancialservices.us

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Could “Substantially Equal Periodic Payments,” Help You If You Need To Retire Early?

"It's great if you want (or need) to retire before age 59½, just be aware of the potential tax consequences."- Jerry Yu If you have ever thought of retiring early, your advisor might have mentioned something called "substantially equal periodic payments," or SEPP. These are also often referred to as 72(t) distributions. Anyone who wants [...]

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What’s Really Behind Those “7% Guaranteed Rates” On Fixed Annuities?

"You've probably run across at least one of those "too good to be true" annuity ads. But, what's the real story behind those 7% rate promises?"- Jerry Yu Chasing after anything that promises a decent return is understandable. In an economy where interest rates have been held tightly in check by the Federal Reserve for [...]

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What are “floating rate” bond funds and are they better than fixed annuities?

“However attractive floating bond funds appear, investors must be diligent to weigh the risks, research the holdings inside the fund, and consult their financial advisory team to ensure alignment with their overall financial goals.”- Jerry Yu With their lower sensitivity to interest rate changes and the ability to reflect current interest rates, floating rate funds [...]

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Will President Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Increase Mean You Should Head For The Exit?

"As a new administration shifts into high gear, many people think about how Biden's tax reform proposals will affect them. People nearing retirement age and attempting to play "catch-up" with their savings are especially concerned about imminent tax increases' impact on their retirement planning."- Jerry Yu. For as long as taxes have been around, they [...]

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Some Key Points Of President Biden’s Tax Plan

"By focusing on low and middle-income earners, Joe Biden hopes to stimulate a pandemic-ravaged economy. The impact could be significant for higher net worth individuals and corporations."- Jerry Yu. Now that both the House and Senate are in the hands of Democrats, it is likely that President will get more of his tax proposals through [...]

Most Seniors Will Need Additional Income Streams In Retirement

One of the most common concerns expressed by retirees in financial planning sessions is the fear of running out of money in retirement. As you near the time when you are no longer in the workforce, you might worry about whether your savings will be enough to sustain you once you stop working. The possibility [...]

How Should You Prepare Your Finances For Life After The Presidential Election

“Going into 2021, retirees should understand that investment-only retirement income plans are not as efficient and profitable as integrated plans that include transfer of risk through life insurance and income annuities."  Jerry Yu For the first time in a while, Americans are less concerned about how the presidential race outcome will shape the future economy [...]

What Is An Annuity Laddering

What Is An "Annuity Laddering" And How Can It Work For You "A desire to preserve cash savings and turn that money into lifetime income is a primary reason some people decide to purchase annuity products. "Laddering" can help these products work even more efficiently."- Jerry Yu It's genuinely shocking when I run across people [...]