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20 year annuity veteran James Alden specializes in diverse product knowledge and guaranteed income solutions for the retiree marketplace. James specializes in comprehensive video illustrations that are unique for your circumstances that are delivered conveniently to your email inbox. All of the answers in the "back of the book" are at your fingertips through an online consultation from the Safe Money Singer.com - Get Yours Today! Website: www.safemoneysinger.com

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Financial Dentistry

Financial Dentistry and the Often - Uncomfortable Process of Annuity Shopping   As a 20-year annuity agent, I began to recognize several years ago the uncanny parallel that the emotional process of shopping for an annuity, from your perspective as a consumer, is not all that much different than the psychological process of scheduling a [...]

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The Inverted Yield Curve

The Inverted Yield Curve of March 22, 2019, is YOUR FRIENDLY REMINDER to purchase your income guarantee sooner rather than later. Innuendo in today's title notwithstanding, on Friday, March 22, 2019, money watchers worldwide made a note of the unique anomaly of the “inverted yield curve” which appeared for the first time since 2007 at [...]

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