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Diane specializes in providing planning and guidance for those seeking to maintain or create a better lifestyle in retirement while emphasizing low-risk, low volatility portfolio management and providing financial planning and analysis services for our clients. She has helped many individuals and couples at all economic levels enjoy a worry-free retirement knowing that their money is safe and ready for them when needed. Website: marrafinancialgroup.com

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Successful Retirement Requires A Shift In Your Thinking

"The safety, security, and preservation of your assets is the primary focus of the distribution phase of retirement. If you lose the money you've saved, how can you possibly create income streams?"- Diane Marra One of the reasons I wrote my book, "Retirement Planning Made Easy," is to help people wrap their heads around the [...]

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11 Questions To Help You Create An Easier, More Efficient Retirement Income Plan

While writing my book, Retirement Made Easy, I discovered that a huge problem with the retirement income planning process is the lack of understanding of what a plan needs to accomplish. Retirees often don't know what questions to ask to make the right decisions and often feel frustrated and confused. If you're a retiree or [...]

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Are You Having Trouble Planning For Retirement? The Problem Could Be All In Your Mind

“Making financial decisions you won't regret later can prove challenging no matter how rationally you approach them.”- Diane Marra If you feel overwhelmed and frustrated when you make wrong decisions with your money, you aren't alone. One of the newer branches of economics, called "behavioral economics," has confirmed that even disciplined and focused people make [...]

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Is It Possible To Save Too Much For Retirement?

Many individuals find themselves awash in cash for various reasons, including fear of market volatility and insecurity surrounding the pandemic. Diane Marra If you're like many Americans, pandemic lockdowns saw you decrease your spending and increase your savings. Now, though, you might be looking at your cash reserves and wondering if your portfolio is as [...]

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You’ve Made It Up The Mountain; Now You Need Retirement And Income Planning To Get You Down.

"As you move from the accumulation segment of your financial life into the distribution phase, can you truly afford to take on more risk?"- Diane Marra As I lamented in my book, Retirement Planning Made Easy, the concept of retirement has taken on some negative connotations in the 21st Century. Along with an intensely complex [...]

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