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Why Market Draw Downs Slash Total Retirement Dollars

After a productive and too often strenuous lifetime of work, the time comes when we want to rely on the dollars we’ve saved and the income for which we have planned. Many of us saved in qualified funds retirement accounts, such as 401 (K)s, IRA, and Keoghs. Contributions to those plans are made with pre-tax [...]

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When Optimism Can Be Devastating

Most of us maintain our most optimistic attitudes as we do the very best we can every day of our life. We try to live well today, as we set the stage for pleasant lives after we hang up the spurs from our working careers. As we plan for a fulfilling retirement, we carefully craft [...]

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How Fixed Indexed Annuities Offer Guaranteed Income And Avoid Market Risk

From time to time clients ask me for an analogy about what Fixed Indexed Annuities are and how insurance carriers can provide upside potential and growth while insulating the annuity owner from downside market risks. An analogy from the world of real estate investing may help understand the concept. Many real estate investors would be [...]

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