About Brad Pistole

Brad is a Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF). He has been recognized with Ed Slott and Company as a Master Elite IRA Advisor from 2010-present. He has also been a member of the MDRT – Million Dollar Round Table "The Premier Association of Financial Professionals" from 2011-present. He was awarded "Top of the Table" honors in 2015-2020. He was the 2018 Safe Money Radio Advisor of the Year. Websites: guaranteedsafemoney.com | bradpistole.retirevillage.com

Office: (417) 581-9222 | CEO of Trinity Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

How To Secure Guaranteed Retirement Income In A Volatile And Chaotic World

No one knows how to time the stock market, no one! By Brad Pistole - Certified Financial Fiduciary® I’ve been the host of Safe Money Radio for more than a decade. If you’ve ever listened to one of my shows, you will hear me say one thing regularly when it comes to your retirement plan [...]

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Should You Convert Your IRA To A ROTH IRA

If you are considering converting your IRA to a Roth IRA make sure you know the details I’ve been blessed to talk about Retirement Planning on my weekly radio show for almost a decade. My show airs four times per week on multiple stations. One of the most common questions I am repeatedly asked is, [...]

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Learn The Secret That Most Affects Your Retirement Success

When you consider what it takes to establish a successful retirement plan, what comes to mind? Is it your annual rate of return; the safety of your principal; having a balanced portfolio; guaranteed income for life? While all above are important, they are not the most critical factors that will determine whether you will run [...]

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