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Robert (Bob) Layman III of Legacy Today Consulting, Inc has helped numerous clients grow their wealth without the risk or volatility of stocks, mutual funds, and other traditional volatile investments. Bob helps his clients take control of their finances with safety and liquidity to live without stress and anxiety and reach their goals and dreams. Website: legacytoday.co

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Six Lies People Tell Themselves About Retirement Planning That Could Haunt Them Later.

"Sometimes it's necessary to get real with ourselves when it comes to planning for the future, even if the truth isn’t so appealing. - Bob Layman Self-deception and denial are part and parcel of the human experience. There is a place in life for cheerful optimism and hope. However, when it comes to money and [...]

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The “Yin And Yang” Of Inflation

"When you are paying more for bread and butter, it's hard to remember that inflation can have both negative and positive effects on an economy."-Robert Layman Inflation has a well-deserved bad reputation. It is, after all, a direct cut to your paycheck because your money buys fewer goods and services necessary to maintain your lifestyle. [...]

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