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Robert Kelly is recognized as a leading expert in retirement planning. He was a featured representative and expert on two Nationally Syndicated Radio Shows, “Straight Talk Wealth Radio” and “The Retirement Solution Show.” Web Sites: |
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No One Is Calling Me And I Am Glad

Unprecedented growth in the stock market and now a down slide, why are my clients not calling me? After more than a decade of unprecedented growth without any significant corrections (378% Growth from March 9, 2009, to December 31, 2019*). We have just had one of those Black Swan events occur with the Coronavirus epidemic. [...]

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There Are Fees And Then There Are Fees

I believe in full transparency when presenting solutions to my clients for their goals and needs. There is no one perfect product for everyone, and so we need to do a complete fact-finder to find the right product to satisfy the situation. Sometimes there is no solution that I can offer, and I will state [...]

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The No Exposure To Loss Gambling Machine

  Gamble in Las Vegas with a guarantee to never lose?  To good to be true? If you had the opportunity to gamble in Las Vegas but were guaranteed that you would never lose, would you go? Can you imagine the chaos that would envelop Las Vegas’s casinos if everyone won? Of course, we know [...]

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Understanding Income Riders

Income for life is in reach   As I speak to so many callers to my Safe Money and Income Radio Show, I find that I spend a lot of my time undoing a lot of the misconceptions and even outright misrepresentations that a lot of them have about annuities and income riders. These problems [...]

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Love Pensions But Hate Annuities- Really?

As my primary business is offering Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities I am constantly amazed at how many people have an immediate negative reaction to the word “annuity”. So many people who call in from my radio show will ask “Are these annuities?” and from that point on it is a challenge to understand what [...]

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Is There a Way to Protect Assets and Provide Quality Long Term Care for Someone Already Receiving Care?

As a senior myself working primarily in the senior market, I am very much aware that the number one fear of most seniors is the fear of outliving their money. I have written articles previously about how I have been able to solve this concern for so many people and to help them secure peace [...]

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But I Don’t Want To Spend My Principal

As I speak with many of the callers to my radio show one of the first things many bring up is that they are interested in hearing more about what I have been talking about, but they do not want to look at anything that may eat into their principal. They are intrigued by the [...]

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Anonymous Sources- Can You Really Trust Them?

In the aftermath of our most recent election it seems you cannot turn on the television or go online without seeing one story after the other quoting "anonymous sources" as the source of the information being circulated. Unfortunately, as we have seen time after time the "anonymous sources" oftentimes are found to be peddling false [...]

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