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Robert Kelly is recognized as a leading expert in retirement planning. He was a featured representative and expert on two Nationally Syndicated Radio Shows, “Straight Talk Wealth Radio” and “The Retirement Solution Show.” Websites: robertkellyfinancial.com | bobkelly.retirevillage.com

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There Are Fees And Then There Are Fees

I believe in full transparency when presenting solutions to my clients for their goals and needs. There is no perfect product for everyone, so we need to do a complete fact-finder to find the right product to satisfy the situation. Sometimes, I can offer no solution, and I will state that immediately, so we don’t [...]

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Annuities Are Only Giving Me My Own Money Back

Being in the Insurance Industry over the last 20 plus years and offering products that directly compete with the products being provided by Financial Advisors, there are several objections that I routinely hear from people looking at Annuities as an alternative to keeping their money at risk in the Market. Recently I had someone say [...]

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Is There a Way to Protect Assets and Provide Quality Long Term Care for Someone Already Receiving Care?

As a senior myself working primarily in the senior market, I am very much aware that the number one fear of most seniors is the fear of outliving their money. I have written articles previously about how I have been able to solve this concern for so many people and to help them secure peace [...]

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