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Tired of the ups and the downs of the stock market, Ash has refocused on Safe money retirement strategies, exploring ways to protect retirement assets, increase income, and protect against potential losses from the markets, the economy, health circumstances, taxes, or other uncertainties of life. Web Sites: |
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Five Tips For Cybersecurity Consciousness

Americans’ top worries about crime are “having your personal, credit card or financial information stolen by computer hackers” and “being the victim of identity theft” according to a Gallup survey published in late 2017. In a world that is going increasingly digital, we must all adapt, and retirees are no exception. A few years back, [...]

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Don’t Borrow Your Way To Retirement

“Life insurance is the only tool that costs pennies and guarantees dollars,” said the legendary industry salesman Ben Feldman. This powerful leveraging factor along with permanent life insurance’s ability to allow someone to accumulate funds tax-free are two reasons why properly structured insurance can be a powerful financial planning tool. Cash value inside a permanent [...]

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The New Retirement Age is 70

For decades, Americans considered 65 years old to be the year of retirement. Over the past decade or so, we have witnessed a transformation in the views towards retirement and retirement ages due partly to demographic changes in the population (notably longer life expectancies) as well as economic conditions. Even while the market’s bull run [...]

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Do We Really Need This Type Of Structure In Our Lives?

As it applies to our daily lives, the word ‘structure’ normally has a positive connotation. Merriam-Webster’s defines the word as a “coherent form or organization.” In a world that seems increasingly chaotic every day, it would be desirable then to have more coherency and organization. When it comes to planning our finances, structured notes and [...]

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