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Wm. Jed Mayfield, Jed is President of Mayfield Financial and Estate Protection Services, Inc. and the host of the Worry-Free Financial Solutions radio Show of Tucson. Host of the Jed Mayfield Worry Free Financial Radio Show. Web Sites: |
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Risk on Paper Is Different From Reality

The Best Practices Used to Create Sustainable Streams of Retirement Income   Today, stability is a welcome oasis in a sea of uncertainty. Investing involves placing your money at risk in the capital markets, which are subject to geopolitical and economic events as well as the collected behavior of millions of market participants. No one [...]

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Income Solutions 2017

The Best Practices Used to Create Sustainable Streams of Retirement Income Do you want the best retirement income solutions in 2017? Do you want to find the right answers for creating a secure retirement, never fearing market volatility again with that part of your portfolio that is necessary for sustaining your essential needs? You see, [...]

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The Almighty Income Check  

In our working years, we work for income and savings. It’s all about income and the security it brings—the almighty paycheck. In our retirement years, we want our savings to go to work for us and create the income to continue the security in retirement; that’s the almighty income check. It’s important to realize the [...]

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Fees And Expenses Associated With Variable Annuities

Variable annuities are not insurance products, they are actually securities. Money invested in variable annuities is subject to market risks as well as fees and expenses. If you decide to invest in a variable annuity, it is important to know and understand the fees you will be charged.

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What Type of Retirment Plan are You Creating?

Remember when it used to be just plain old everyday market risk? Those were the good old days weren’t they? Uncertainty has become such a prevalent force that economists have developed new ways to measure it and calculate its effects on the economy “with the crisis of the day.”

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My Least Favorite Annuity

Variable Annuities are my least favorite of the annuity types. They once served a purpose in the 1980s and 1990s when the stock market was thriving for a longer period than normal, and for high-end earners a good place for non-qualified tax deferred savings. But now, in the current world market, I consider them the least effective annuity, especially for retirement income planning.

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Dissatisfied with 401(k) Plan Investment Menu?

If you are like most people who participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you may be permitted to access part or all of your assets within the plan while still employed. It is one of the most unique and powerful investment strategies available, yet it’s seldom used or explained in offering greater diversification and opportunities. Some opportunities may even provide guaranteed benefits for lifetime income.

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Helping Baby Boomers Plan for a Successful Retirement

Whether it is the result of poor planning, bad advice or plunging markets, retirement losses can be a deadly poison. Many retirees and pre-retirees have saved enough to win the “retirement game,” but they continue to risk “losing their retirement” by owning risky investments. It is wise for those preparing for retirement or recently retired to set aside enough money in safe places to pay for a guaranteed lifetime income plan. My planning will take you through all the current and future considerations necessary to determine the risk-free amount needed to safeguard your guaranteed retirement income.

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