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Gary Ybarra is a Safe Money & Retirement Specialist who has enjoyed helping people all across the nation protect their retirement money and create guaranteed income for life. He is a member of his local Chamber of Commerce and NAIFA, (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors). Web Sites: |
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Safeguard Your Wealth With Required Minimum Distribution Strategies

              These days most of us know that contributing to pre-tax retirement accounts like IRAs and 401(k) plans allow us the ability to receive upfront tax deductions and to enjoy the tax-deferred growth as long as the investment remains in the account. For that building retirement wealth and income, [...]

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Are Annuities Good Or Bad?

Every once in a while someone will say to me, “ I heard that annuities are bad, is that true?” It’s usually because they came across an article on the internet that was bashing annuities or maybe a friend of theirs told them to stay away from annuities because you can lose money and they [...]

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