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Brad is a Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF). He has been recognized with Ed Slott and Company as a Master Elite IRA Advisor from 2010-present. He has also been a member of the MDRT – Million Dollar Round Table “The Premier Association of Financial Professionals” from 2011-2018. He was awarded “Top of the Table” honors in 2015-2018. He was the 2018 Safe Money Radio Advisor of the Year. Web Sites: |
Office: 417.581.9222 | CEO of Trinity Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

Should You Convert Your IRA To A ROTH IRA

If you are considering converting your IRA to a Roth IRA make sure you know the details I’ve been blessed to talk about Retirement Planning on my weekly radio show for almost a decade. My show airs four times per week on multiple stations. One of the most common questions I am repeatedly asked is, [...]

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Will Your Retirement Accounts Last You To Age 117?

By Brad Pistole, Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) On July 22nd, 2018, the world’s oldest person died at the age of 117. Yes, you heard me correctly, she was 117 years old. She was born in May of 1901, and her family and friends knew her as “The Goddess.” The new oldest person alive is 115 [...]

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Learn The Secret That Most Affects Your Retirement Success

When you consider what it takes to establish a successful retirement plan, what comes to mind? Is it your annual rate of return; the safety of your principal; having a balanced portfolio; guaranteed income for life? While all above are important, they are not the most critical factors that will determine whether you will run [...]

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