Examine the different types of annuities and see if an annuity is the right fit for your retirement portfolio.

Tax Deferred Annuity

Use tax-deferred annuities to manage your future tax liabilities   A tax-deferred annuity is a plan in which income tax on an original deposit of investment income is not charged during the investment period. The tax liability is deferred until the owner or beneficiary begins to receive (or accesses funds) periodic payments of earnings from [...]

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Lifetime Income Annuities May Be Needed

With over 30 years of experience, clients have often said that they do not need a Lifetime Income Annuity. They only want a reasonable rate of return. They may be correct on not needing a Lifetime Income guarantee, but they are often inaccurate and have no clue how much trouble they may be in later.  [...]

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Annuities Dirty Little Secret Number 1

What is the real benefit of Fixed Indexed Annuities? Your funds are fully guaranteed and are safe and secure. Your Fixed Indexed Annuity can only increase. Fixed Indexed Annuities are best suited for people who want to protect their original principal and provide for an increase in funds linked to a major index.

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Annuities Explained

Annuities come in two varieties – Fixed and variable. A fixed annuity is somewhat like a CD, in that the insurance company issuing the annuity agrees to pay a fixed rate to the investor, while the investment, along with associated profit or loss, is also the company’s responsibility and right. The performance of the investment is not directly coupled to the returns the investor gets. The insurance company acts as a barrier between the index and the investor, minimizing the impact by siphoning off huge spikes in both profit and loss, while passing along stable returns to the investor.

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Should You Consider Adding A Deferred Income Annuity To Your Retirement Portfolio?

"Deferred income annuities have a proven track record of helping seniors guard against longevity risk in retirement. A DIA allows you to create a stream of predictable, tax-advantaged income that you won't outlive."- Ed Hochard. For many people, the idea of outliving their retirement savings is frightening. If this is the case for you, you [...]

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