Examine the different types of annuities and see if an annuity is the right fit for your retirement portfolio.

Security is Spelled A-N-N-U-I-T-Y

Stability, volatility control, guarantees, and security are all synonyms for Annuities.   In unsettling times, 1906, 1919, 1929, 1951, 1978, 1982, 1987, 2001, 2008, 2020, and other years the need for stability becomes essential. Strength helps restore confidence is a stress remover and a confidence agent. Fixed annuities provide those features; they are safe, guaranteed, [...]

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Variable Annuities | Tips to fully understanding variable annuities

If you are considering the purchase or if you already own a variable annuity make certain you fully understand how they work. Annuities can be a good decision and they can also be your worst nightmare. The difference depends on how the benefits of a variable annuity can benefit you Listed below are 10 things to fully understand before buying a variable annuity.

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Annuities as an Investment Vehicle

Annuities are investment products with an insurance component based on the financial strength of the annuity issuing insurance company. Annuities offer an attractive alternate option to secure a steady lifetime income stream with flexible options based on the investor's preferences of security and risk. Annuities are also unique in the sense that income from stock market gains and contributions are tax deferred until you decide to withdraw.

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Promises Made, Promises Kept: The ‘Cross Your Heart’ Investment

Wall Street made promises to all of us. They promised to provide us with products that had value and an agreed upon level of safety. They failed in that promise. The reason is very simple; they are greedy and placed their own needs and goals over the people who trusted them and their products. I happen to feel the blame is very narrow on the Wall Street category and responsibility really lies with only a handful.

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Municipal Bonds, Know Their Secrets Before Investing

Are you interested in investing in Municipal Bonds? They can provide great benefits if there benefits match up with your goals. Be careful; make sure you know how they work and how to maximize your investment and learn the disadvantages. Mutual bond do have a place in many portfolios, but use caution and make sure you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages.

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The Sequence of Return Risk 

Retiring successfully versus retiring with struggles might often be a matter of good luck versus lousy timing. This is especially true if you choose to keep your qualified 401(k) plan in mutual funds while moving into your Golden Years of Retirement. woman hand putting money bank note dollar into piggy for saving money wealth [...]

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If You Don’t Want To Be A Fool Quit Acting Like One

Only a fool would buy an annuity, right? Recently, a well-known financial columnist suggested that annuities were a “foolish” choice. He went on to make several points to build support for his position and to gain attention for himself. This person makes his living by being contrary, by suggesting the normal way of business is [...]

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The Tax Deferred Annuity

A tax-deferred annuity helps manage tax liability.   A tax-deferred annuity is a plan in which income tax on an original deposit of investment income is not charged during the investment period. The tax liability is deferred until the owner or beneficiary begins to receive (or accesses funds) periodic payments of earnings from the invested [...]

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