A Case Study in Fixed Indexed Annuities — The Income Tripler

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I am an insurance salesman and I am proud of it!


When I meet with people, and they ask me what I do for a living, I tell them that I give people peace of mind and help them sleep at night –– I sell insurance.

As they look at me puzzled I sit back and wait for them to tell me what they think that is. Usually, they say are you a therapist, doctor, a mattress salesman, etc? After I answer no to all their responses, I tell them that I show people how to win the financial tug of war by showing people how they can get potential growth on their hard-earned money without the risk generally associated with investments.
The next question they ask is how can that be done? How can money only increase and never be exposed to loss?

Here is an actual case with a client of mine. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones.

At our first meeting, I talked about a fixed index annuity (FIA) without going into too much detail. I explained how a FIA works and how it can protect their hard earned money from the exposure of risk. They were impressed. Some of you reading this blog know that a FIA can provide potential growth without risk to principle, but is that all FIA can do? What other benefits can you enjoy?

While visiting with Mr. Jones, he shared with me that Mrs. Jones had been diagnosed with cancer twice in the past and how that impacted their finances. She was in remission and doing well, but they were concerned because she was no longer insurable and could no longer qualify to purchase long term care insurance. Mr. and Mrs. Jones agreed to meet again to see how a fixed indexed annuity can provide them with a solution based on their needs.

At our second meeting, I begin to explain the benefits that come with a fixed indexed annuity. This fixed indexed annuity will give you potential growth, guarantee your principle, and provide income that both of you cannot outlive. The FIA also contains an Income Tripler. Allow me to explain what the Income Tripler means to you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

If and when you decide to activate your lifetime income benefits whatever that monthly payment may be. As an example, let’s assume it is $1000 a month. If you or your spouse lose 2 or more ADL (Activity of Daily Living) and are confined to a nursing home or hospital, the company will triple your monthly income to $3000. There is a waiting period before you can use this benefit, but it will solve your spouse’s long term care problem, and there is no medical underwriting period.

If you could only be in that room with me and Mr. and Mrs. Jones to see how that benefit in the FIA impacted their life you would have probably cried, as they did. A FIA solves money problems and provides solutions that affect lives in positive ways.

How can a FIA impact your life? Income, safety, security and if needed: the Income Tripler!




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