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Is it time for Your Company’s 401(k) Plan’s Annual Checkup?

Every night on the nightly news it seems there is bad news about retirement plans especially 401(k)s. The US Department of Labor has established new rules about the fees, disclosures and management of these very popular retirement products. More rules are expected in May of 2016 which will outline the role of a financial advisor [...]

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When Harry and Sally Met Their 401(k)

I just couldn’t keep my big mouth closed and gave Harry and Sally the report on their 401 (k) annual expenses being charged to manage their funds. These expenses were in addition to the $50 per year administration fees and were tied to the actual account value of the funds in the 401 (k).

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Why you should consider a Solo 401k if you are Self Employed

Investment choices made today can dramatically shape your financial outlook in the future. Be sure to educate yourself in all aspects and options of your 401k plan, and meet with your personal financial planner on a regular basis to determine the best course of investment action for you.

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