The Retirement Question

At a recent Social Security workshop, I presented I was asked the question on every baby-boomer’s mind these days. “What should I do with my retirement funds with all this volatility in the stock market?” The answer is not simple but is not as complex as many would have you believe.  The question “assumes” a [...]

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Does Wall Street Math Match Up With Actual Results

I frequently ask clients during our first conversation, “what is the average return of the market?” Normally, without fail, they answer, “7% - 8%.” My next question is, “when has it averaged that return?” Normally, without fail, they answer, “historically,” or something to that nature. My response to this answer is, “do you think it’s [...]

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The Lizard Brain

"The lizard brain is … fighting for your survival. But, of course, survival and success are not the same things." - Seth Godin Neuroscience has demonstrated over the years that the human brain is hardwired for maximum complacency. Turns out we humans tend to freeze up when faced with important decisions, not because we are [...]

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