Annuity Lies And How They May Impact Your Future

My head is healing up nicely now. It gets better when I stop beating it against the wall in my office. My business partners have grown to recognize the thumping, pounding sound. It’s just an occupational hazard that comes with being in the retirement income planning business. I sell annuities. “Did you know that running [...]

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Learn The Secret That Most Affects Your Retirement Success

When you consider what it takes to establish a successful retirement plan, what comes to mind? Is it your annual rate of return; the safety of your principal; having a balanced portfolio; guaranteed income for life? While all above are important, they are not the most critical factors that will determine whether you will run [...]

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The Value Of Legacy

Money has three primary functions in retirement. Those functions are INCOME (the cash flow that you need to live), LIQUIDITY (money for growth and emergencies), and LEGACY. The focus of this article is on LEGACY. The word legacy is defined in part as follows: a gift of property; a bequest; anything handed down from the [...]

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Which Annuity Is Right For You?

Part 3 Last week I wrote about the different annuities that are available and the difference between them. This week, I hope to describe who may be best suited for each annuity. Fixed Annuity – As I wrote, this annuity earns a fixed rate of return. This annuity is best suited for someone who does [...]

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