If You Don’t Get What You Want: Sue Them

Kentucky state employees recently filed suit against several private equity firms and their failure to provide rates of returns as expected. According to the lawsuit, Kentucky Retirement Systems, invested between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion, with: • Blackstone Group • KKR • Capital Partners and • Pacific Alternative in August 2011. Based on the sales [...]

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Promises And Guarantees Are Not The Same Thing

In the old movie, The Road to Morocco, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope show their pure comedic brilliance.  One of the best parts of the movie is when they become lost in a Moroccan desert and see a mirage, the outcome is hilarious.  Of course, the illusion is not real, and they end up quite [...]

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It’s All About Planning

When it comes to tax planning, many people don’t know all their options.  And therefore, I tell my clients that it is imperative that I work with their CPA to make sure that I can give my clients the highest income possible while paying the least amount of taxes. I see different areas of tax [...]

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