Healthcare Is The Biggest Social Issue Of The 21st Century

Please pay attention: The most significant problem facing retirees is not the cost of the insurance, it is the cost of medical reimbursements from Medicare. Our Government has to reduce spending somewhere! Seeing a doctor for a medical issue is covered by Medicare, but what is happening is the amount paid to the medical care [...]

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The Biggest Problem Facing Retirees Is Medicare Reimbursements

We watch TV, read the news, use social media to keep informed, but doesn’t it always seem like the terrible things are happening elsewhere? Three things happened to me recently over the Thanksgiving break, things that you should make you pay attention. Please pay attention: The most significant problem facing retirees is not the cost of [...]

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Simplifying Retirement Income Planning

Simplifying Retirement Income Planning (and eliminating: "so what’s the catch?” )  Planning for one’s retirement is not nearly as complicated and confusing as you have been led to believe.  You just need to understand how to overcome the “catch,” as in, “so what’s the catch?” Yes, we’ve all been told, if not instructed, that planning for [...]

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Bill Carter Safe Money Radio Show

Join thousand of listeners learning how Bill helps his clients solve there retirement planning by removing market risk and guaranteeing income will last as long as they do! Bill is the host of Safe Money Radio – Portland, Oregon. Saturdays 8-9am on KEX 1190AM. Bill has over 35 years in the insurance and financial industry. [...]

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Dan Van Patten Safe Money Radio Show

Join others in listening to Dan's solid and common-sense advice regarding lowering market risk and maintaining a great lifestyle "for all of your retirement years."  Dan has been acclaimed as one of the best financial experts in the retirement planning business. Dan specializes in reducing market risk while focusing on Safety and Security. “I enjoy [...]

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