Inflation And A Retirement Income Concept

President Ronald Reagan famously said about inflation: “Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.” Inflation is not all bad, because of inflation, we have less exposure to a depression or so said John Maynard Keyes.  Many agree with his thoughts, but many [...]

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The Great American Rip-Off

The idea of a 401(k) created by Congress was and is a beautiful idea.  What is not attractive about them is the method in which they are managed.  Managed by Wall Street.  In congress’s favor, the idea was brilliant; they merely forgot one small detail.  Where there are over a trillion dollars, there will be [...]

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But I Don’t Want To Spend My Principal

As I speak with many of the callers to my radio show one of the first things many bring up is that they are interested in hearing more about what I have been talking about, but they do not want to look at anything that may eat into their principal. They are intrigued by the [...]

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Retirement Planning May Require Outside Of The Box Thinking

I am about to start teaching retirement planning to a group of 20 somethings.  Why?  Believe it or not, that is when the first steps should be taken to a successful retirement.     However, there is a stumbling block for this age group; they don’t have a lot of disposable income to put into a [...]

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ROBO-Advisors Invade Retirement Planning: Hurray!

Robots have become a certainty for our future, they lower the cost of almost every sector of American Industry.  The chart below shows us how the cost of robots has dropped as the cost of human workers have increased. One sector gaining an enormous foothold for robots is the financial guidance industry:  ROBO-Advisors. Have you [...]

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Control What You Can And Plan For What You Cannot Control

There are few things we can control in life; we cannot control tax increases, inflation, crashes in the market, or unexpected health crisis.   What you can control is how you plan for the unexpected, which is imperative, especially when you are near or in retirement.   What you do with your assets that you [...]

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Assumptions: Would You Bet Your Retirement On It?

The story goes like this: An economist and his friend are on a hike; dark clouds appear, and rain is certain. The friend says to the economist, “it looks like rain.” The economist looks at the dark sky and says, “well then, let’s assume we have an umbrella.” When you examine the economist’s remarks, it [...]

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What Happens To Your Retirement Plan When The Market Crashes?

Americans have a short memory; especially when the market is on fire like it has been for the last eight years.  Records are being broken with the Dow hitting all-time highs, and this run is the second longest run in U.S. history.   But we all know it can’t last, and unfortunately, no one knows [...]

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What Is The Purpose Of A Second Opinion?

To me, the answer would be to confirm that the first opinion is correct or that we have enough information in which to consider when making a decision.  Unless it has something to do with your health, most people don’t think twice about getting a second opinion.   I often find that in the business of [...]

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