Our Government Has Mortgaged Our Future

Debt, how can we owe so much? Our National Debt is now officially $21 Trillion.     The debt is $67,000 for each man, women, and child in America, Congress has mortgaged all our future. The national debt limit has been raised 74 times since 1962. The most recent increase was for $318 billion, allowing [...]

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How Much Will It Cost Me?

I hear this question with every prospective client I meet.   Why?  Because they expect to pay an advisor a fee to speak with them, they are used to having fees and expenses subtracted from their investment to pay for someone to manage their money.     I explain to them that I never charge for my [...]

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Are You Prepared For The Next Storm

After experiencing my first hurricane (and coming out unscathed - thank you God), I realized how important it is to be well prepared for the unknown. While we knew about Irma coming towards us for quite some time; not knowing exactly where or how hard it would hit was nerve-wracking. To prepare for Irma, I [...]

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The Retirement Jigsaw Puzzle

As a child, I loved jigsaw puzzles. All those colorful pieces that, when put together correctly, made a beautiful picture. The trick is knowing how those pieces went together and I always found that working from the outside in, building the frame so to speak, made it easier to make the whole puzzle come together. [...]

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