Inflation Can Cripple Retirement Planning

Most investors only consider the risk to their principal, which is why they favor Certificates of Deposit over non-FDIC insured investments for their most protected assets. The risk of lost buying power is a more complicated dynamic. The dollar value of principal stays the same, but year after year, a dollar buys less and less.  [...]

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Saving For Retirement? Don’t Forget Your Teeth

 Three years after Sue retired, her jaw began to hurt, at first only when she awoke, then eventually constant. As she had aged, a small overbite had grown to a large overbite, an overbite that was changing her mouth and her life. Her dentist suggested several options, surgery, exercises and special devices. Eventually, Sue was [...]

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People Depleting Their Retirement Funds Fast… Do Not Be One

According to a recent Harris Survey, people who take a lump sum from their employer-sponsored retirement plan are depleting those funds fast. In fact, 1 in 5 retirees has depleted it completely. After lump sum withdrawal, according to Harris Poll: 62% had money leftover 21% had completely depleted their funds 17% didn't know how much [...]

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Failure To Plan Can Be Devastating

The Best Practices Used to Create Sustainable Streams of Retirement Income   When it comes to entering retirement, failure to plan can have devastating consequences. Most of my clients are looking to develop a plan for paying themselves in retirement. That and so much more is offered at Mayfield Financial & Estate Protection Services, Inc. [...]

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Anonymous Sources- Can You Really Trust Them?

In the aftermath of our most recent election it seems you cannot turn on the television or go online without seeing one story after the other quoting "anonymous sources" as the source of the information being circulated. Unfortunately, as we have seen time after time the "anonymous sources" oftentimes are found to be peddling false [...]

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Use This IRA Solution to Eliminate Long Term Care Insurance Premiums

I was contacted several years ago by a gentleman named Jack who had a concern about his IRA account that he wished to leave to his daughter. Fortunately for Jack he did not need this money for income for himself and his wife. He was concerned about the account deteriorating over the years due to [...]

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Income Solutions 2017

The Best Practices Used to Create Sustainable Streams of Retirement Income Do you want the best retirement income solutions in 2017? Do you want to find the right answers for creating a secure retirement, never fearing market volatility again with that part of your portfolio that is necessary for sustaining your essential needs? You see, [...]

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Guaranteed Income Should Be Your Outcome

The other day I had a meeting with a couple, Mike and Susie, ages 60 and 56, they had heard my radio show on WBOB AM 600. I was getting all their financial information he was interested in what to do with his 401k (about $400,000), which was with a large investment company all in [...]

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Divorce Can Be Very Costly To Retirement Planning

Make Sure You Understand the True Costs No one wants to think or talk about divorce, but the reality is, it does happen. Many people who plan to get divorced hold the misconception that they will be able to maintain their current financial lifestyle. "Two can live as one" As the old saying goes. While [...]

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