Use ‘Transfer on Death’ Form to Avoid Probate Court

Avoiding probate can be tricky, but you might be able to successfully do it following these three straightforward ways. If you own stock certificates or have a brokerage account the ‘transfer on death’ option can be used to avoid probate. This option is often called the ‘Uniform Transfer on Death Securities Resignation.’ You can designate [...]

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A Pile Of Cash: How Important Is It?

Sure, when it comes to paying for something like a new car -- cash talks. Cash can get you a better deal and eliminate interest payments. But more importantly than having cash is having cash flow. Cash flow is the true king. Cash flow is INCOME. Try thinking of your money from a different perspective [...]

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What Drives Your Financial Decisions?

 What drives your financial decisions? Is it Greed? Fear? Common sense?  Some Psychologists say that most financial decisions are made by most people in that order. The highest percentage starting with Greed, then Fear, and finally common sense. It has been my experience that that order may very well be correct.  Let's discuss each of these:  [...]

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One Huge Benefit for Annuity Owners

Almost all new annuity contracts provide an immediate benefit. Is it income? Is it safety? Is it freedom from market risk?  The answer to those questions is yes! Plus more. That’s the nursing home waiver. Annuity contracts have a provision that allows annuity owners to access most or even all the funds in the event [...]

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Top 7 Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid 

Retirement decisions can be confusing and complicated. Many people make too many mistakes when it comes to decisions that can affect their important retirement period. Listed below are 7 retirement mistakes, possibly you can avoid them. Searching for jobs later in life:  Many people forgo proper retirement planning thinking they’ll be able to offset retirement [...]

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Women Have Greater Retirement Needs

  It's well known that on the average woman lives up to seven years. longer than men. This means that they have a greater need for retirement planning since they will be retired longer, and will need more funds. The problem is that many women, during their prime earning years, bring home 70% of the [...]

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The No Exposure To Loss Gambling Machine

If you had the opportunity to gamble in Las Vegas but were guaranteed that you would never lose, would you go?  Can you imagine the chaos that would envelope Las Vegas’s casinos if everyone won? Of course, we know that is only fiction and to make Las Vegas work there has to be both winners [...]

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Make Sure Your Credit Score Is Accurate or It Could Cost You

Credit bureaus track consumers’ credit history: making sure they pay their bills, aren’t late on those bills and how much debt they carry. There are many credit bureaus but big three are Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. When you try to borrow money from a lender the lender pulls your credit report from one or more [...]

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