Worry and Concern Over Medical Costs And Expenses

1 in 3 Can Barely Afford Medical Care My favorite market is people who are generally overlooked by brokers, people that don’t have investment counselors, people with a lower net worth. The reason?  Our products with their guarantees become very important to them. Along with issues of income and worry regarding having enough money comes [...]

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The Almighty Income Check  

Like the Beatles said: "All you need is income." In our working years, we work for income and savings. It’s all about income and the security it brings—the almighty paycheck. In our retirement years, we want our savings to go to work for us and create the revenue to continue the security in retirement; that’s [...]

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Ask Before You Leap When Considering An Annuity

Learn the benefits you will receive from an annuity, make sure you understand the entire contract According to a recent CBS news report, the sales of fixed index annuities reached a staggering $19.2 billion in the USA for the fourth quarter of 2016. There has been an apparent rise in the interest of the public [...]

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