The Death Spiral of the American Health Insurance System

Recently, updates on the actual cost of the Affordable Care Act has disclosed severe issues that could cost the American taxpayer billions.  The report has gone on to include that actual cost in both Medicare expense and user expenses unexpectedly have increased.  What went wrong? We had predicted that insurance rates would rise based on [...]

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The Case for Private Pensions

David March had worked for a trucking company in Ohio for 33 years.  He and his wife Sarah had saved and planned for their retirement, being a member of the blue color labor force has meant Dave and Sarah were planning on his company retirement plan.  His company had put in place a benefit to [...]

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You Spell Annuity S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y

In the news, almost daily, there is more and more talk about annuities. So what exactly is an annuity? Simply, an annuity is an agreement (contract) between an organization (insurance company) to pay another an agreed upon benefit. The benefit can be in the form of periodic payments or a lump sum. Annuities are issued [...]

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Invisible Fees In Mutual Funds

Transparency in the financial world has traditionally been lacking. As information sources have increased, along with it has come more chances to look behind the curtain. The mutual fund industry in America is huge, most all Americans have or currently do use these products for accumulating funds for retirement and many other uses. Mutual funds [...]

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Use The Bank Ladder Approach To Increase Yield On Your Bank Deposits

This simple and yet efficient approach to solving interest rate volatility can work for you.  It involves an annual maintenance on the investor’s part and the ability to use the internet for available interest rates.  Never allow anyone to charge you for this approach to bank deposits, do it yourself.  There are numerous options available [...]

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Baby Boomers Love Guaranteed Income

Our product has evolved into the mainstream (or vice versa) of important retirement planning.  It now offers guaranteed income riders that have changed the way retirement is planned.  And yet, it was only 10 years ago at a meeting in Des Moines when Sheryl Moore first suggested that an (guaranteed) income rider sitting on the [...]

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