Municipal Bonds: A Smart Move Or A Sucker Bet?

Municipal Bonds can be a terrific vehicle to earn a reasonable rate of interest and at the same time escape taxation on the interest. For many investors who are interested in long term investments with some tax advantages the choice of a municipal bond can be attractive. For investors looking for alternatives to qualified (IRA [...]

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Fear And Ignorance In Retirement Planning

A recent report from the American College illustrates the lack of information and knowledge most Americans have when it comes to their financial lives.  This can become a significant problem for those working towards a retirement that has enough funds to make the “golden” years “golden.” The simple fact that so many Americans are misinformed [...]

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Boston College Report about Medicare Drug Program

Boston College Report about Medicare Drug Program If you have been wondering about the new Medicare Drug Program, you are not alone. Singularly, this new change in Medicare signifies an attitude towards those needing the service and those who are able to pay. Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research’s recent report noted key findings such [...]

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