Fixed Indexed Annuities: Fact or Fiction?

Benjamin Franklin was a very wise man, as a matter of fact; he was one of the first owners of an annuity. Since his time annuities have been intertwined with American history, in many ways they have been a strong core of our country’s financial security. Ben was a wise man and owning an annuity [...]

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Considering a Fixed Indexed Annuity For Your Important Retirement Funds?

Considering an annuity? Not sure exactly what to do, which policy to buy, what benefits to ask for or do you even know what to ask for? Annuities can seem to be very confusing when actually they are rather simple. Would you like to know what questions to ask? Here are basic questions which to [...]

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Secrets Of Variable Annuities

What Your Broker Doesn’t Want You To Know About Variable Annuities Disclaimer: In the early part of my career, I was licensed to sell variable annuities; I no longer maintain my securities license. The article below is gleaned from a wide array of information available to anyone; all you need to know is where to [...]

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Live Long And Prosper But Not Too Long

Who doesn’t want to live a long time? As long as a person if healthy, living a long time can be an enjoyable event. The government Office on Aging recently released new research on how long we can expect to live (Mortality Table: ) much longer than was estimated as short as the year [...]

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